Trees & Right-of-Way

Large sections of infrastructure like railways, powerlines and pipelines are surrounded by forest. In order to prevent costly damage a minimum distance to the next trees needs to be upheld.


3D Modelling of vegetation

Based on the advanced photogrammetric capabilities, detailed 3D models of the vegetation can be calculated in order to warn about risky trees within a dangerous falling radius.


Pipeline Monitoring

Due to OCELL's multispectral analytics know-how in forestry and plant health, sick trees which are more prone to fall, can be detected before posing a threat.

Tree Fall Radius

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Protection and predictive maintenance for railroads.


Prevent trees falling into powerlines and receive high resolution imagery.


Make sure the right of way stays free of vegetation or other threats like construction sites.

Scalable Solution based on Airplanes


OCELL imagery has a 40x higher resolution than the highest available satellite imagery.


Compared to drones, we can cover 100x the distance and 400x the area resulting in the best cost of data.


OCELL offers high update rates and flexible on demand flights & analytics.

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